Since 2013, the state of Berlin has been representing its design scene in foreign markets under the newly established brand “Berlin Design Selection“. The brand was founded by the initiative Projekt Zukunft and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics and Technology. Dynamo Design Berlin e.V. organizes the representation abroad. The focus of these representations is to open up new markets for Berlin design businesses, connecting them with producers, distributors and trade companies.


The exhibitions are accompanied by extensive PR measures. Alongside of a catalogue, the internet presence was set up for the Berlin Design Selection tour. This website hosts relevant information about presented products and design companies as well as an overview of Berlin‘s design creation. The intention is to create a platform that provides international visibility of Berlin‘s design scene, support the businesses at the new markets and stimulate the creation of new products.


The Berlin Design Selection tour will stop at the most important international design fairs and festivals and show a selection of objects, products and prototypes made in Berlin or designed by Berlin designers.